Sean Fullerton Bio

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Sean Fullerton has been a very busy Massachusetts based solo Acoustic/Electric musician, singer/songwriter, recording engineer and producer for the last 25 years, specializing in "Feel Good" Blues, Soul, Rock 'n' Roll, and Fingerstyle Guitar...covers and originals...using a variety of guitars, harmonicas, guitars & vocal effects.  Sean performs fun and audience participation style shows for restaurants, pubs, weddings, parties, corporate events, libraries, and senior facilities throughout New England.


Sean Fullerton has been involved in several performing acts, including Acoustic duos 'RooK', 'The BaysicS', 'McCarthy & Fullerton', 'Gilmartin & Fullerton', 'The Gunkies', and 'Al & Sean', as well as Beatle tribute bands 'Yellow Submarine', 'Octopus's Garden', 'Beatle Wood', 'The Early Beatles', and 'Just 17'.  Sean Fullerton was voted the 2010 Worcester Music Awards 'Best Solo Act'.  Since then, he has been nominated several times for Best Blues and Solo Act awards.


Other projects Sean is currently involved with include:

BACKPORCH MIXTAPE:  An Acoustic duo featuring Sean Fullerton and friend Ken Macy, specializing in Delta Blues, Country Blues, Blues Rock, and '80's with a twist o' Blues.  Find us at


THE MUSIC OF THE BEATLES - YESTERDAY & TODAY:  Local musicians Sean Fullerton and Dan Kirouac use a variety of Acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and two vocals...the way The Beatles bring you on an educational journey of how The Beatles' music is just as relevant today as it was when we first heard it all those years ago.  You'll hear unique arrangements of Beatle hits and their hidden gems, along with an extensive knowledge of anecdotes regarding the influence on and of The Beatles' music, with a focus on the beauty of the natural Acoustic guitar sounds and the brilliance of the vocal harmonies.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!    :)


BEATLE WOOD:  After a 3 year hiatus, a new lineup will pickup where we left off.  Beatle Wood is an all Acoustic tribute to the way The Beatles started.  Featuring Sean Fullerton, brother Adam Fullerton, and friend Tom Gilmartin, we'll showcase the 3 part vocal harmonies and 2 guitar attack that made The Beatles music magical, only stripped down to demo form.  You'll hear some hits, some B-sides, some of their solo career tunes, and lots of their Acoustic gems that don't get performed at all!  More info to come.


CREEQUE ALLEY:  An Acoustic duo tribute to the Americana Folk Revival and Feel Great music of the 60's, covering Traditional Folk, Folk/Rock, and 'Flower Power' pop hits from 1965-1969, featuring Sean Fullerton and Dan Kirouac.


What can one expect when hiring Sean Fullerton? A competent and professional musician/singer, professional grade equipment, punctuality, and flexibility. Sean's live shows are fun, exciting, educational, and audience participation is always encouraged!   :)


Thank You for your continued support of live...and digitally broadcast...local music.    ;)